We’re happy to announce the release of Nucleon Database Master 11.  With this release; we add new database and data source providers, solved more then 100 problems,  made improvements and added new features.

New Datasource Connections

Database Mater 11 support now Amazon AWS data source connections. We add Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB data source connections and enhaced Amazon Redshift support. We add also Microsoft Azure CosmosDB connection.

JQL – Json Query Language

The JQL query is new feature for NoSQL database systems. It allows to query your Non-SQL database using Json query format to retrieve data.

Data Export & Import

We enhanced data export and import features and dilogs.  It supports most used office file formats, direct export to SQLite, MS-Access database systems and data import from all data sources.

Supported Data Sources

Nucleon Database Master 11 supports more than 40 database systems and data sources.