Database Master

One Tool.One Solution.Powerful Features

Nucleon Database Master is a modern, powerful, intuitive and easy to use database query, administration, and management software with a consistent and modern user interface. Database Master simplifies managing, monitoring, querying, editing, visualizing, designing relational and NoSQL DBMS.

Database Master allows you to execute extended SQL, JQL  query scripts,  provides all database objects such as tables, views, procedures, packages, columns, indexes, relationships (constraints), collections, triggers and other database objects.

Datasource Connections

Database Master supports more then 60 data sources and database systems which includes SAP HANA, Azure Databricks, Snowflake, ClickHouse, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, ArangoDB, Neo4J, Couchbase, NuoDB, Oracle, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server CE, Azure SQL, Azure CosmosDB, Azure DocumentDB, MS SSAS Server, Apache Hive, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, IBM Netezza, IBM Teradata, Apache Cassandra, Redis and Ingres database systems.

It supports also  ODBC, OleDB, Esri GeoDB, OData, AutoCad Plant3D, Web Services, .Net Objects, CiscoIS, IBM Notes, SharePoint, ShapeFile, XML , JSON , HTTP Rest, GraphQL, Google Analytics and Google BiqQuerydata source connections.

SQL Query

Database Master provides powerful and intuitive extended SQL query editor for ad-hoc database queries and can execute all types of SQL query commands.  The query editor is extended and can also execute .Net extension functions and methods. Using query editor, you can execute SQL commands or scripts against any database system or data source. Query Editor is multi-threaded and allows long running queries and can return multiple result sets. The query editor supports SQL Intelli-Sense, code completion, table fields, SQL operators, code highlighting, text find/replace and other user-friendly features. It supports ArangoDB AQL, Couchbase N1QL queries and CosmosDB SQL queries.

JQL Query

Database Master provides powerful and intuitive extended  JSON query editor for No-SQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB etc.) database engines. It supports most used MongoDB query operations and commands. JQL Query Editor is multi-threaded and allows long running queries and return multiple result sets. The query editor supports JSON IntelliSense (Code Completion, Query Operators and Methods), code highlighting, text find and replace functions and other user-friendly features.

Query Checker & Formatter

Database Master provides SQL and JSON code checker or code parser to check the SQL code for SQL-99 grammar errors. JSON (MongoDB Query) code will check only for JSON format errors. Database Master provides SQL and JSON statement formatter (beautifier) to convert code instantly into well-formatted SQL or JSON scripts.


Database Master provides dynamic C# Scripting query editor which supports  Linq to DataSet and Linq to MongoDB queries. This feature allows developers to run rich C#-LINQ query scripts using power of .Net Framework. C#-LINQ query editor supports code Intelli-Sense (Code Completion) and code highlighting features.

Schema Compare

Database Master can compare the database object schemas with an advanced UI visualizer. This gives you the diff information between two database object structures.

Data Export

Database Master allows users to export data from single or multiple database tables or views to common file formats. Data Export feature allows you to export into these file formats : SQL, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSV, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice Calc and Writer, RTF, PDF, XPS, JSON, dBASE and as PNG images. Users can export all database data and database structure (Table, View, Procedure etc.) as a SQL Script for database backup.

Data Import

Database Master allows users to import data into database tables from XML, CSV and SQL files. It allows also data import from other database system using database connections. It provides bulk SQL-Script import without any size limit. The import results will be reported in a log file.

Data Package

Data Package feature allows you to easily bundle and export your database or table data as a data package and share them with other users or applications. Data Package allows you to export and import your sensible data without data corruption and data loss. The data package can be protected with a password for data security and protection.

User Management

Database Master allows you to manage MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL database users, provides user reports and data source information.

MongoDB Support

Database Master is one of the best management tool for MongoDB and provides powerful MongoDB management features. It provides JQL Query Editor, Advanced Data Editing, Collection Manager, Index Manager, GridFS Manager, Visual Map&Reduce Editor, Visual Query Search, Tree and Table style data view and rich data export features to common file formats.

Esri GeoDB Support

Datbase Master supports Esri GeoDB database system (SDE and File based) with Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, PersonalGDB and FileGDB database systems. It can execute the SQL queries and lists all FeatureClass and Standalone Tables.

SSH Tunnelling

Database Master provides SSH tunneling, also known as SSH port forwarding. SSH tunneling allows you to create an encrypted connection between your local machine and at the remote database engine.

Database Reports

Database Master provides database object reports (tables, views, procedures, collections, indexes, relations reports etc.) and database system metadata reports for all database engines. Users can also report the table data or query results.

Data Editor

Database Master provides a Table Data Editor feature which allows creating, editing and deleting table data including BLOBs(Text, Images, Files, Docs etc.) with an advanced data editor. This makes it easy to alter data and create or delete rows without SQL commands.

ER Diagram Designer

Database Master provides visual database designer and can visualize database tables (entities) and table relationships. Using database designer you can easily create database tables and foreign key relationships between tables.

Database Monitoring

Database Master provides powerful and easy to use database monitoring tools for Oracle, MongoDB, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, Informix and DB2 database systems. It provides pre-defined database monitoring items.

Database Backup

Database Master provides a quick database backup and import system for MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite and MSAccess database engines. It is a native supported database backup system taht teh backup files can be import with another backup tools.


Database Master can access MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, SQLite database engines behind a firewall or remote server. It uses a server-side script (Php or Python) to connect a remote database engine and executes the database commands.

Main Features

  • Multiple Connections: Allows to manage database connections in a project file.
  • Datasource Explorer: TreeView database and datasource object explorer.
  • Database Manager: Create/Drop Databases: Allows to visualize all user and system databases.
  • Table Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Tables
  • View Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Views
  • Function & Procedure Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Stored Procedures and Functions
  • Collection Manager : Manage MongoDB/ArangoDB Collections and Indexes
  • Document Manager : Manage Couchbase/CosmosDB/Redshift Documents and Indexes
  • Index Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Indexes
  • Trigger Manager: Create/Drop Triggers
  • Column Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Table Columns
  • SQL Query: Provides extended SQL query editor with intelli-sense and code syntax coloring.
  • JQL Query: Provides extended JQL query editor with intelli-sense and code syntax coloring.
  • Code Checker (Parser): Provides SQL-99 and JSON format script parser for grammar errors.
  • Code Formatter: Provides SQL and JSON code formatter or beautifier.
  • C# Scripting: Allows to execute  .Net (C#) based scripting using database connection.
  • Extensions: Provides dynamic high level .Net extension methods and functions to execute.
  • Intelli-Sense: SQL and JQL Query Editor with Code Highlighting and Intelli-Sense wth Code Completion.
  • Database Reports: Provides some static reports for database objects
  • Schema Compare: Compare the selected database schemas
  • Host Information: Provides data source information
  • User Manegament: Provides user management for database systems.
  • Data Visualizers: Provides Text, Html, Hexe, Chart Visualizer and Image Visualizer for BLOB data.
  • Table Data Editor: Create, Edit or Delete Data Records or Rows.
  • Maintenance: Provides database and table maintenance options.
  • ER and Table Relations View: Visualize database relations and constraints like an ER diagram
  • Visual SQL Query Builder: Provides advanced and easy SQL query builder
  • Visual JQL Query Builder: Provides query builder for MongoDB
  • Data Export: Supports export to XML, JSON, CSV, HTML, MS Excel, MS Word, OpenOffice, PNG, PDF, XPS, MS-Access, SQLite file formats.
  • SQL Script Export: Allows exporting database structure and data as a SQL Script.
  • Data Package: Allows exporting and import data as a data package.
  • CSV Data Import: Import data from CSV files.
  • SQL Script Import: Import data from SQL files.
  • XML Import: Import XML files into your database system.
  • Data Import:: Allows import data from other database systems or files.
  • MongoDB Data View as Tree and Table style.
  • Search Engine: Search your data using string, datetime and number operators
  • Code Factory: Template based code generationg (C# or Java) using database schema.
  • Templates: SQL/JSON/C# Templates for database object editing or creating.
  • Schema Export: Export your database schema as a XSD file.
  • MongoDB GridFS: GridFS editor for handling MongoDB file system.
  • MongoDB Map/Reduce Editor: Provides Map&Reduce editor for MongoDB.
  • SSH Tunnelling Support
  • Database Monitoring: Monitors database systems with advanced charting system.
  • Database Backup: Allows to backup your database as a single file.
  • HTTP DB Bridge for remote database access behind a firewall.
  • HTTP DB Proxy for remote data source or database engine access.

Supported Data Sources

Nucleon Database Master supports more than 30 database systems and data sources.