Product Testimonials

Database Master – powerful, feature-rich and effective database development, management and administration software for MySQL and SQLite database systems.

In today’s internet-heavy world where information is both money and power in the hands of those that can effectively use it,
the value of databases for both personal and professional systems has never been higher. This is particularly true for any individual
or group that deals with hundreds or thousands of individuals and inquiries on a regular basis, meaning that the effective
tracking and utilization of all information regarding these individuals is necessary to ensure smooth operations and overall successful endeavors.

The Database Master is one of the most effective database tools available on the market today,
and if you want to make sure that your databases are always operating at the highest degree possible for you and your regular operations
then you should get yourself a copy of Database Master today before the alternative ends up costing you more than just a few lost bits of data.

I absolutely love this software. I can keep all my connections in a project file. I can export my data to the Excel and Word formats,
visualize my images. It’s really great tool.

I have to say i downloaded this application yesterday and after half an hour of playing and testing i got it working and have to say its surprisingly easy to use!
Good job keep it up!