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Nucleon Data Analyst

Nucleon Data Analyst

Nucleon Data Studio is a powerful and innovative data analysis, data  query, data search, data mining, data science software for the RDBMS and NoSQL systems. Using Nucleon Data Analyst, you can easily connect to any data source, analyze and visualize using provided data intelligence modules and features.


Nucleon Data Browser supports MS SQL Server, MS Azure SQL,  MS Azure CosmosDB, Couchbase, ArangoDB, Neo4J, MongoDB, NuoDB, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, IBM Netezza, Ingres, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, Apache Hive, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Esri GeoDB (SDE, Personal and FileGDB), MS Access database systems.

Data Browser can also connect to any database system and data services via OData, ODBC, OleDB, WebDbBridge and WebDbProxy, support Ms Excel, MS FoxPro, dBASE, REST, XML, JSON, SharePoint, WordPress, AutoCad Plant3D, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery data source connections.

SQL and JQL Queries

Data Browser provides powerful and intuitive SQL query editor to execute SQL query commands. Using SQL Query editor, you can execute SQL commands or scripts against any database system. The Query editor supports code highlighting, code completion (IntelliSense) and text find/replace features.

Data Export

Data Browser allows users to export data from single or multiple database tables or views to common file formats. Data Export feature allows you to export into these file formats : SQL, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSV, CSV2, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice Calc and Writer, RTF, PDF, XPS, JSON, dBASE and as PNG images. Users can export all database data and database structure (Table, View, Procedure etc.) as a SQL Script for database backup.

Data Import

Data Browser allows users to import data into database tables from XML, CSV, CSV2 and SQL files. It allows also data import from other database system using database connections. It provides bulk SQL-Script import without any size limit. The import results will be reported in a log file.

Main Features

  • Multiple Database Connections
  • Data Source Explorer: View and Export Tables, Views or Collections.
  • Data Search:  Advanced Search and Data Mining
  • Ad-Hoc Query: SQL and JQL Query Editors with .Net Extensions
  • Data Visualization: Text, Chart, Image and Web Visualization
  • Data Export: Export Data to XML, CSV, HTML, HTML5, MS Excel, MS Word, OpenOffice, PDF, XPS, JSON, SQLite, MS Access file formats
  • Data Import: SQL, CSV and XML Data Import, Data Import from other database systems
  • Data Package: Export/Import Data Packages
  • Data View: Data Table, Tree, XML, JSON and HTML View

Supported Data Sources