We are proud & happy to announce the release of Nucleon BI Studio 11, Nucleon Data Science Studio 11, Nucleon Data Studio 11 products. It was a hard work for us; hope you will like our products and our work.

Is that all?

No. We planned some new excited features like new designer for dashboards, an open integration to other applications, data transforms, Data Analytics Extensions (DAX), more monitoring and live visualizations for Web, Desktop.


New Features

  • New: GraphQL Support

Our products are supporting now GraphQL data query protocol to retrieve and visualize data.

  • Apache Thrift

Apache Thrift API is supported to retrieve data sources.


  • New: JQL Support

JQL (Json Query Language) is new json format query language to query and retrieve the data from NOSQL data sources.


Data Science Studio 11

Nucleon Data Science Studio provides powerful features for data scientists and data engineers with the support of more than 60 data sources. It provides scripting for C#, F#, R-Sta., Python, Julia, Kotlin, Octave and PSPP languages.

BI Studio 11

BI Studio 11 gives you more opportunity for data analysis and visualization. New Workflow Module allows building data workflows using SQL like Scripting DSL Language. We add support for GraphQL and Apache Thrift Data Protocol.

New: Data Studio 11

Brand new powerful product for quick data source connection, data query, data search, data export and data import. No more, no less! If you need a data browser and viewer, this product is for you.