We add two new products to our Business Intelligence stack&platform. Yes, we are proud to announce the release of our new product Nucleon Data Science Studio 10 and BI Viewer 10. We also released Nucleon BI Studio 10.6, Nucleon BI Web 4.6, Nucleon Database Master 10.6, Nucleon Atomic 4.6 and Nucleon Linqer 3.6 products.

New: Data Science Studio

Nucleon Data Science Studio provides more modules and features for data scientist and data engineer. It is the extended version of Nucleon BI Studio and one-to-one compatible with it.
Nucleon DSS provides and supports more scripting modules PYTHON, JULIA and KOTLIN, supports the open source statistical software PSPP for SPS scripts, for mathematical computation supports the OCTAVE software and scripts, open-source numerical library Math.Net. It is also open for third party software products and programming and scripting languages.

What is next with Nucleon DSS?

We will integrate MATHLAB software, SPSS for statistical computing and GRAPHVIZ for Graph visualization with the data from data source or database.

Why Scripting with Nucleon DSS?

Nucleon DSS provides you an easy way to read/get the data from data source and allows you report and analyze the scripts results with reporting or charting modules. You can use the scripting result (including output to file and charts, plots) as a data source for reporting and visualization. Nucleon BI stack&platform supports natively more the 50 major data sources.

New: BI Viewer

Nucleon BI Viewer can to view Business Intelligence and Data Science projects and apps, provides a easy to use interface for non-technical users and managers.

New Product Releases

We also released other products and implemented improvements and enhancements, add more documentation. All native supported databases drivers are updated.