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Nucleon Atomic 5 Released – The new Art of Distributed Computing

Nucleon Atomic 5 Released We are proud to announce the release of Nucleon Atomic 5; a simply distributed computing software for any supported language.  Nucleon Atomic 5 provides distributed Map&Reduce computing with C#, Python, R or any supported interpreter language for distributed data analysis and data visualization. Distributed Scripts Yes, it is now possible now […]

BI Studio 10.4 and Database Master 10.4 Released

Nucleon BI Studio 10.4 and Database Master 10.4 Released We’re happy to announce the release of Database Master 10.4, Nucleon BI Studio 10.4 and BI Web 4.0. The new release comes with powerful features and important improvements for all products. New Innovation Nucleon BI allows to add R, C#, F# and Java script files as […]

Nucleon Atomic 4 Released

Nucleon Atomic 4  has been released Nucleon Atomic 4 releases includes some bug fixed and performance improvements.  Nucleon Atomic has two Setup Files: Nucleon Atomic  Master: Organize map&reduce tasks, data source connection and data query Nucleon Atomic Worker: Computes the given code tasks. Nucleon Atomic is a distributed computing Framework which supports the map&reduce programming model […]