This tutorial hels you to create new DataSets and DataSet Lists

1- What is a DataSet in NucleonBI

A DataSet contains one or more SQL, JQL or related database engine Query (ArangoQL) script to get data from data source or database engine or a file like XML or JSON.

The following sample shows you the a DataSet format and sample SQL queries.

Name of a DataSet
#DataSetName: MainDataSet

Simple DataSet query
#Name: Products
SELECT * FROM Products
Name of a query result with parameter input
WHERE OrderDate BETWEEN #@StartDate# AND #@EndDate#

Another query with dynamic calculated columns. 
The result table includes two more dynamic calculated columns as decimal type.
#NAME: OrderDetails
#ADD_COLUMN: { Name:"Tax", Type:"Decimal", Expression:"UnitPrice * 0.0862"}
#ADD_COLUMN: { Name:"Total", Type:"Decimal", Expression:"UnitPrice + tax"}
SELECT * from [Order Details]

2- Create a  new DataSet

To create a DataSet , you need to open DataSets module and click to new button. The widzard tool will open and will ask you a DataSet name. After entering a unique DataSet, it will ask you to select a datasource  connection. This is important to select right connection for your queries and results.

After selection a data source connection, a brand new DataSet  file will be created and saved in to project file. After now, you can add new queries and test them using execute button.

The following video shows you how to create a DataSet  file and add queries.