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Tutorial 1: DataSets

New Releases and The Next Big Thing: Quantum Computing

New Product Releases

11.11.2020 – Afyonkarahisar, Turkiye: It is a the next big day for Nucleon Software. We are proud to announce the release of our products.

Nucleon BI Studio, BI Viewer, DS Studio, Data Browser, Command Runner, BizApp Studio, BizAppCenter  and Database Master are released and they have the build version We also changed the name of Data Studio to Data Browser.

We add powerfull and new features, solved some DLL Problems and other issues.

  • We updated all database and data source clients to new versions
  • We changed product name from “Data Studio” to “Data Browser”
  • Scripting (R, Python etc.) modules are integrated to our products
  • GraphQL integration  is improved
  • Solved MongoDB integration and connection problems
  • Solved Couchbase integration and connection problems
  • CSV-File ingreation is improved and can load any size of CSV file now.
  • JQL is improved
  • We add CSV2 file format, it is a new file format with field-type and file encoding definition.
  • Amazon AWS integraton is improved

and the The Next Big Thing is  our  quantum computing development studio. It is under development…

New Licensing Model

Nucleon Atomic 5 Released – The new Art of Distributed Computing

Nucleon Atomic 5 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Nucleon Atomic 5; a simply distributed computing software for any supported language.

 Nucleon Atomic 5 provides distributed Map&Reduce computing with C#, Python, R or any supported interpreter language for distributed data analysis and data visualization.

Distributed Scripts

Yes, it is now possible now to run your Python, R, Julia, Kotlin, F#, C# script code in distributed clusters using Map&Reduce functions.

Data Sources

The data will be pushed to worker nodes from database systems or files. This allows to execute map&reduce script against dataset or data streams.

Database Master 11 Released