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Nucleon BI Studio 10.1 and BI Web 4.0 Released

19.10.2018 – Nucleon BI Studio 10.1 and BI Web 4.0 Released We are proud to announce that Nucleon BI products are released with new features. Nucleon BI Studio 10.1 releaed with Web Module and Nucleon BI Web 4.0 released also with the support of Web Elements and JavaScript Libraries. You can design a Web page […]

Visual Representation of SQL Joins

Introduction This is just a simple article visually explaining SQL JOINs. Background I’m a pretty visual person. Things seem to make more sense as a picture. I looked all over the Internet for a good graphical representation of SQL JOINs, but I couldn’t find any to my liking. Some had good diagrams but lacked completeness […]

Beginners’ guide to using MongoDB and C#

Beginners’ guide to using MongoDB 4.0.2 and C# Introduction This article attempts to highlight the latest developments in both the Mongo open-source document database and the open-source official C# driver. This piece has now been updated to reflect version 4.0.2 of the database and version 2.7 of the C# driver. Overview of Document Databases. Document databases […]

Product Releases May 2018

Brand New Product Releases We’re happy to announce the release of Database Master 10 and Nucleon BI Studio 10. We add new database connections, update the GUI with Microsoft WPF Technology and did more updates and changes. Nucleon BI Web 4 is coming soon with modern look and feel and dashboard more features. Our brand […]

Nucleuon BI Studio 10 and Database Master 10 is coming

Nucleuon BI Studio 10 and Database Master 10 We arely  curentworking for the Database Master 10 and BI Studio 10 releases. They  are totaly new written with WPF technology and supports new datasources, better dashboarding, scripting, java script based web charting and more.

New BigData Platform

New BigData Platform Nucleon software works and make research for a new distributed BigData platform for Desktop, Server and Cloud based data query,analytics and data visualization. This platform make the BigData work easy and usefull for business people and stackholders.

Nucleon BI Studio 9 released

We are happy to announce the release of Nucleon BI Studio 9 software with new features and data source providers. Nucleon BI Studio 9 supports more data source connections  and data visualization components. It providers more then 40+ data source connections including Esri GeoDB and can execute the ad-hoc sql queries against no sql data […]

Relaunch: Nucleon Map&Reduce released

Nucleon Map&Reduce Desktop has been released Product Relaunch: We are happy to announce the new relaunch of Nucleon Map&Reduce Desktop 2.0 (formerly Nucleon Grid) software which allows to distributed data computing and data analysis.  Nucleon Map&Reduce can be used to analyse large data sets and with the poerfull C# scripting. Nucleon Map&Reduce Desktop is an […]

Database Master 9 has been released

We’re happy to announce the release of Nucleon Database Master 9.  With this release; we add new database and data source providers, soved more then 100 problems, did some  imrovements and add new features. Data Export & Import We enhanced data export and import features and dilogs.  It supports most used file formats and file […]