Nucleon BI Web 12 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Nucleon BI Web 12.  It is the major relase for  2022 and  provides true business intelligence and data science features. With this product release; we add new data and database systems Dremio, Kafka, ClickHouse database and data system integrations.


Solved more then 200+ problems, made logical and performance improvements and all this is coming to you with only one installation.

New Features

Added great new features (R, Python, and Julia script visualizations.  With this feature, it is able to visualize data with script languages and visualize the results as plot and tables.


Nucleon BI Web is totally optimized for data visualization, performance, memory and speed.  Performance was the main issue for this release, we did lot’s of background improvements.

Download and Go

You can go to download page and install it. You need only SQL-Server for database storage.

What is new with Nucleon BI Web 12:

  • Data Visualization with Scripting languages like R, Python, Julia
    • R Support: Advanced Data Visualization with R
    • Python  Support : Advanced Data Visualization with Python
    • Other Script Languages.
  • Add ClickHouse database support
  • Add Dremio database support
  • Add Apache Kafka support.
  • and more features..