Nucleon BI Studio 12 and Data Science 12 Studio Relased

We are thrilled to announce the release of Nucleon BI Studio 12, Nucleon Data Science Studio 12 and Nucleon BI Viewer 12 applications. It is the first release for the 2022 and it will continue…

With this product release; we add new data and database systems (Dremio, Kafka, ClickHouse), solved 150+ problems,  made logical and performance improvements and added great new features. The prodcuts are totally optimized for performance, memory and speed.

What is new with Nucleon BI Studio 12 and DS Studio 12:

  • Add ClickHouse databsae support
  • Add Dremio database support
  • Add Apache Kafka support.
  • Add Bulk Table Data Search&Replace feature.
  • Add Database Maintenance features for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
  • Add SQL/JQL based backup system for all database engines.
  • Add Master&Detail View: You can add N-Detail view to your child queries.
  • Improved: Data Export Options: Document, CSV, JSON, XML, SQL, JQL data export features are improved.
  • Improved: Data Import Options: XML, JSQL, SQL, JSON and CSV data import features are improved.
  • and more more features..