We are proud to announce the release of new version. We released the following products:

  • Nucleon BI Studio 11.2
  • Nucleon DSS  11.2
  • Nucleon BI Viewer 11.2
  • Nucleon Data Browser 11.2
  • Nucleon Database Master 11.2
  • Nucleon BizApp Studio 2.2
  • Nucleon BizApp Center 2.2

New Features

New: Dashboard Designer

We implemented a brand new dashboard designer to Nucleon BI Studio and Nucleon DSS products. The new dashboard designer enables you to add more complex and advanced dashboard components with high design precision. It allows you more visualization component setting options with extended styling.

New: SQLite support for CSV/CSV2 and XML file formats

After new version, SQLite database engine is used for CSV/CSV2 and XML file sql queries. This gives us more query options and sqlite aggregation functions using SQLite storage and quern engine.

New:  Schema Comparing

Database Master can compare the selected database schemas and  visualize the diff result. It can visualize the full database schema diff or single objects structure.


SQL Export

SQL script export/import features are improved. They provide now better SQL script export for database engines without any version dependencies.

JQL Export

JQL (JSON Query Language) format is improved for NoSQL database engines.


Scripting modules  (Python, R, Kotling, Julia) provides more options to store/load data frames from csv files