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BI Studio


Nucleon BI Studio is an innovative business intelligence and analysis tool which provides reports, charts, dashboards, pivot tables, data export/import and SQL, JSON and LINQ queries and more features.

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BI Web/Server


Nucleon BI Web is an web based application for business intelligence projects and supports reports, charts, query results, tables, pivot tables, views, statistics, texts, labels, images, web contents.
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Database Master


Nucleon Database Master is an database  tool for MongoDB, NuoDB, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Netezza, SQL Server, FireBird, Hive, SQLite, TeraData, XML, OData, ODBC, OleDb and more.
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Nucleon Grid


Nucleon Grid is an distributed grid computing framework for relational, schema-free and for Big Data. It supports all major database systems and Microsoft Windows environments.
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Nucleon AppStudio (Coming Soon…) is an high level application design and development software without coding. It supports data editing, user controls, reports, charts and other components.
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Nucleon AppBrowser (Coming Soon…) is an application browser and runtime container with advanced office features. It supports app browsing and office tools (E-Mail, Chat etc.).
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Latest News

  • Database Manager 8 Released

    We’re pleased to announce updated releases for our brand new Database Manager 8 and BI Studio 8 products. This release adds many new database ma...

    03 Feb 2016
  • Nucleon BI Studio 8 Released

    We are proud to announce the release of Nucleon BI Studio 8, Nucleon Grid 2.0 for distributed computing. Nucleon BI Studio 8 supports more data visual...

    06 Mar 2016
  • Maintenance Releases for DM & BI

    We’re happy to announce the release of Nucleon Database Manager 8.0.1 and Nucleon BI Studio 8.0.1, a maintenance release which fixes several issues ...

    14 Apr 2016