New Products and New Releases in 2022!

We are pleased to announce the release of Nucleon Software products. We released Database Master 12.4, Nucleon BI Web 12.4, Nucleon BI Studio 12.4, Nucleon BI Viewer 12.4, Nucleon Command Runner 12.4 and Nucleon Atomic 12.4! We have added more support for AWS Database systems , Azure Database systems.

Azure Databricks Support

The Azure Databricks Platform provides a unified set of tools for building, deploying, sharing, and maintaining enterprise-grade big data solutions at scale. Azure Databricks integrates with cloud storage and security in your cloud account, and manages and deploys cloud infrastructure on your behalf.

We added support support Azure Databricks via ODBC connection. It allows to query Azure Databricks results using SQL and able to visualize, export/import and quey resutls with your desktop tools.

Azure Cosmos DB

We updated the Azure Cosmos DB support with new driver. It allows a common way to access Cosmos databsases on the cloud.

Database Connector Updates and Fixes

We updated all database connectors and fixed some bugs. Nucleon Command Runner is updated and can run command line commands.

Update to .Net 6 (.Net Core 6)

We are currently converting our source code to .Net Core ( .Net 6) technology. With .Net 6, out products will be available  also in Linux and MacOS systems.