New Product Releases in 2022

We’re thrilled and happy to announce the release of our software products. With this release, the following products are released: Nucleon BI Studio 12.1, Nucleon BI Viewer 12.1, Nucleon Database Master 12.1 and Nucleon BizAppStudio 12.1

Nucleon BI Studio

Up now, BI Studio is only tool for data intelligence, business intelligence and data science projects. We already disabled the Nucleon Data Science Studio from our product line  and BI Studio and BI Web will be the only product for all data and data intelligence related projects.

New Features

With this release, we have been able to focus on releasing quite a few but powerful new features, along with ensuring that existing components and modules received updates as well.

Our products are supporting now Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse systems. You can query and build data science projects with both Azure platforms.

More data source connections like Linkedin are on the way.

More and More Data Science

Nucleon BI Studio provides more features for data science projects. You can use Python, R, Julia, PSPP, C# script results as an data source. You can build reports, charts, web dashboards, cross tables from script results.

It allows you to visualize script plot results on the reports or on the dashboards.


DataSets allows you to query your data source in its native query language (SQL, MongoDB Query, GraphQL, AQL) and build an virtual data model.

You can also combine two different data sources.

Example: Combine MySQL with MongoDB query in an single DataSet file for reporting or charting.


You are able to build workflows between modules with scripting (datasets, reports, charts). This feature allows you to execute files and extensions.

Example: You can send an e-mail with a report attachment to your users on the database.

Changes with this release

  • Build now full featured single java script based charts using your data sources.
  • Build reports, charts, dashboards  from Python, R, Julia, C# scripts
  • Visualize Spatial and GIS results on the dashbord using R Scripts and R-Packages.
  • Connect to Azure Databricks for BigData data Results
  • Connect to Azure Synapse for Data Warehouse
  • Build Workflows
  • Setup E-Mail Config files for Workflows
  • Fixes for Dashboard and Chart Designer Bugs.

Nucleon Database Master 

Nucleon Database Master comes with new features like Azure Databricks and some performance improvements.

Database Master provides advanced features for developers and database administrators.

Changes with this release:

  • Connect to Azure Databricks for BigData data queries
  • Connect Azure Synapse for Data Warehouse queries

Nucleon BizApp Studio

BizApp Studio provides now easy to build business applications and data editing features. It supports new data providers now.

Changes with this version:

  • Connect to Azure Databricks for BigData data queries
  • Conenct Azure Synapse for Data Warehouse queries
  • Build Workflows
  • Build Data Editor Forms

What is Next?

  • Upcoming Features

We are currently working for our cloud platform. It will able to publish and visualize your business intelligence and data science projects on the cloud without any installation.

we will add more data source connections to Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter  for social media data analytics.

  • GAIA-X Support

Europe has been started to expand industry participation in data sharing between organisations and partners.  European GAIA-X project with  Eclipse Dataspace Connectors will be supported with our products and solutions.

GAIA-X : Home – Gaia-X: A Federated Secure Data Infrastructure


Visualize Spatial GIS Data using R Script

Visualize R Scripts Results

Web based Java Scripts Charts

Machine Learning with Python and Python Script Results