Nucleon BI Studio 10.1 and BI Web 4.0 Released

Nucleon BI Studio 10.1 and BI Web 4.0 Released

We are proud to announce that Nucleon BI products are released with new features. Nucleon BI Studio 10.1 releaed with Web Module and Nucleon BI Web 4.0 released also with the support of Web Elements and JavaScript Libraries. You can design a Web page inside BI Studio and bind data to it.

New : Web Module

Web module allows to visualize Web elements   (Html Table, List, JavaScript etc.) using data binding.

Data Binding with Web Elements

The data binding technology allows to bind the data to the Web elements (Html, List, Image) and any JavaScript libraries. It gives you to full power of Web development and Web data visualization  to you.

New: Web Dashboard

Web Dashboards are  Html and JavaSCript based Web pages with data binding.

Planned Features

WE are developing new Modules and Features for Data editing, Apache Spark integration, Jobs and Tasks Scheduling and Business Workflows.