Database Master 8 Released

03.03.2016 – We’re pleased to announce updated releases for our brand new Database Manager 8 and BI Studio 8 products. This release adds many new database management features and some important improvements and bug fixes. We also removed the “LINQ to EF” feature because some version provider incompatibilities.

Database Manager 8 only supports now LINQ to Dataset and LINQ to MongoDB featrures to query data using C# language.

Main Window

We re-designed the main window using Microsoft Office ribbon style and moved the some specific tools, buttons and commands to it is workbench.

Data View and Data Editor

Database Manager provides powerful data editing and data visualization tools now.

Database Monitoring

Database Monitoring is merged to main tool so now you can call the monitors without external Window and Dialog.

WPF Based Diagramming

Nucleon Database Manager 8 provides new designed ER and Relation diagramming tool and database schema visualizing and database designer tool. It can visualize database entities (tables, collections) and shows the relationship with coloring connections between tables or entities.

Data Export & Import

With Database Manager 8 data export and import features are more stable and more powerful now. It supports most used file formats to export and data import from all data source connections.

Datasource Connections

Nucleon Database Manager 8 provides now MongoDB, NuoDB, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, SQL Server, SQL Azure, Apache Hive, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, IBM Netezza, TeraData, Ingres, Google Analytics, TeraData, CiscoIS, IBM Notes, ShapeFile, SharePoint, JSON, ObjectDataProvider (.NET Data Objects), Rest Service, Web Service (SOAP and WCF) connections and allows you to execute SQL queries against file, rest data sources and RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

SQL and JSON Extensions

We already extended the SQL and JSON Query engine and add some advanced and useful extension functions. Both query options allows to execute some pre-defined .Net extensions like OLAP Pivoting or ChrossTable, Math, Map/Reduce, DataTable Expressions and more extensions.

Nucleon Software Team