Database Master 4 with PostgreSQL and LINQ Released

Database Master 4 with PostgreSQL and LINQ Released

Posted on 2011-07-24

We are happy to announce the release of the Database Master 4 now. The highlights of this release is Microsoft LINQ technology support.Database Master allows you to run dynamic LINQ queries against database entities.

About Database Master

Database Master is a modern, powerful, intuitive and easy to use client application with a consistent interface that simplifies managing, querying, editing, visualizing, designing and reporting relational and schema-free database systems, including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Ingres, MS SQL Server, MySQL, FireBird, SQLite, and EffiProz. You can connect any database system via ODBC and OleDB connections, or you can work directly with MS Access, MS FoxPro Database, dBASE, and XML files.

Using Database Master, you can execute SQL, LINQ, JSON queries or you can create, edit and delete all database objects such as tables, views, procedures, columns, indexes, collections and triggers. You can execute SQL queries and scripts, view and edit table data including BLOBs (Image, Text or any file), represent tables and its relations as a ER(Entity Relationship) diagram.

LINQ/SQL/JSON Query Editor

Database Master provides powerful and intuitive SQL, LINQ and JSON query editor. It supports code highlighting, code completion (IntelliSense) and text find/replace features.

Data Export/Import

You can export data into most popular file formats like XML, HTML, CSV, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint OpenOffice Calc and Writer, RTF, PDF, XPS, JSON, dBASE and PNG. You can also export whole database data and structure (Table, View, Procedure) as a SQL Script. You can import data from XML, CSV and SQL Script files without any size limit.

Data Visualization

Database Master provides some data visualizers like: Image, Text and Chart. It provides also “Advantage Data View” that includes data visualizers.

User Management

Database Master allows you to manage MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL database users, provides database object reports and data source information.

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