Nucleon BI Studio 7 and Nucleon Database Manager 7 Released

Nucleon BI Studio 7 and Nucleon Database Manager 7 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Database Master 7, Database Monitor 7, BI Studio 7, BI Browser 7, Nucleon Atomic 1.0 (Distributed Computing Framework for Map&Reduce) and other BI Modules. The new product releases provides you more features and more possibilities to manage, analyze and visualize your data. Soon, we will release also the new bi product BI Web, which is a web based bi project viewer for bi projects.
New Product: Nucleon Atomic

Nucleon Atomic is a distributed job scheduler, mapper and reducer software with the support of currently database Map&Reduce jobs. Nucleon Atomic enables a data analytics to be authored as a set of Map&Reduce jobs, without in-depth knowledge of distributed computing or software development. Nucleon Atomic use Microsoft .Net WCF Framework for communication and streaming the database data between master node and child nodes.

Software Changes and Updates:

  • Nucleon Atomic: Distributed Computing Framework for Map&Reduce
  • New UI Design for Database Monitoring
  • New Database Monitoring features.
  • New UI Design for BI Browser
  • New Database Connections for BI Studio
  • New Database Connections for Database Master
  • Support of more database objects for Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLServer
  • Update to Database Reports
  • Update to All Database Drivers
  • Over 250 bug fixes and feature improvements
  • And more…

Nucleon Database Master 7 and BI Studio 7 and BI Browser supports now more than 30 database system and data source connections.

See what more than 5,000 users and customers, business intelligence, data management and database development and other organizations already know: Nucleon Software provides modern, innovative and real value product for your business.