BI Studio 10.4 and Database Master 10.4 Released

Nucleon BI Studio 10.4 and Database Master 10.4 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of Database Master 10.4, Nucleon BI Studio 10.4 and BI Web 4.0. The new release comes with powerful features and important improvements for all products.

New Innovation

Nucleon BI allows to add R, C#, F# and Java script files as a data source. This feature  opens a new door to  programming and scripting languages  like C#, Python, F#, Java etc. Nucleon BI render the script before executing it and get the results after script run. The results can be used in different visualizations , reporting, charting, dashboards, views and more.

New : C# Scripts as Data Source

Nucleon BI supports now C# scripts as data source.  You can use the c# script for the visualization modules (Reports, Charts, Web) for data source.

New: R Script Results as Data Source

Nucleon BI supports now R scripts as data source.  It stores the R scipt plot and table results in a data set for further visualization.


  • New Viewer for Power Views
  • New Viewer for Cross Tables
  • New Dashboard Components (R, CrossTable and Url Link)
  • More Descriptive Statistics
  • Better Dashboard View
  • Better Data Binding for R Script
  • Fixed: Initializing Charting Titles
  • Fixed:  Initializing Charting Legens
  • Update to Google.Apis
  • Update to MySQL Driver
  • Update to MongoDB Driver
  • Update to Oracle Driver
  • Update to NuoDB Driver
  • Update to Amazon Web Services SDK Driver
  • Update to Google.Apis.Analytics.v3