Nucleon Database Master 6 Released

Nucleon Database Master 6 Released!

It’s been a while since 5.0 was released. Now, after months of major product stability, new features and lots of improvements including some new product enhancements, we are releasing a significantly improved version of the Nucleon Database Master .

Some of the improvements in Database Master 6.0 include:

  • New Ribbon Style GUI
  • Big Data: Apache Hive support
  • OData Protocol, SharePoint and REST API Support
  • Database Monitoring
  • Database Backup for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, FireBird
  • SQL to MongoDB with SQL JOINS support!!!
  • SQL and JSON Query Compiler
  • SQL Code Formatter
  • Add Table Data Search and Edit functionality
  • JSON Query Improvements for MongoDB
  • Lots of Database Management improvements
  • Update to Data Search
  • Update to Database Reports
  • Improvements to the Data Import and Data Export
  • Over 100 fixes and improvements
  • And more…

Full release notes are included here.

Download Nucleon Database Manager 6 today.

Nucleon Database Manager can connect to the following types of database engines or data sources: MongoDB, NuoDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Ingres, SQL Server, SQL Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, EffiProz, Apache Hive XML, dBase, FoxPro, MS Access, Http-Rest, SharePoint, OData, ODBC and OleDB.

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