Database Master 2 Released

Database Master 2 has been released!

We are proud to announce the release of  Database Master 2. Database Master 2 supports now SQL Azure and FireBird database engines. The new version  includes new great featureas, enhancements and some bug fixes.  Database Master also supports Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL,  SQLite, MongoDB, XML File, ODBC and OleDB connections.

What is new:

  • MongoDB support: Open Source and Document based database system is  supported now.
  • XML File support: You can add an Xml file as a relational database  and execute SQL queries.
  • Search Engine: You can search any data in your database without  writing any SQL query.
  • New reporting system is implemented.
  • XML Import: You can import your xml file into a database table.
  • New Export File Formats: Word 2007, Excel 2007, OpenOffice, PNG,  XPS, RTF, dBase formats are supported now.
  • Code Factory: You can genarate (C#, Java etc.) code from your database.
  • SQL Script Export: You can export View and Procedure structure now.
  • Templates and Snippets: Database Master supports now SQL tempaltes  and snippets.


  • SQL Editor: Code Completion (Ctrl+Space Tab) support is implemented.
  • SQL Editor: Code Regions (#region, #endregion) support is implemented.
  • Some parts of GUI is redesigned and it is more intiutive now.
  • SQL Script export is enhanced.
  • Data Export is enhanced.
  • Reports are enhanced.

What is next:

  • Full MongoDB support and JSON query for MongoDB
  • LINQ support
  • IBM DB2 support
  • Ingres support