Nucleon Map&Reduce

Pure .Net  Distributed Computing

NucleonGrid-300x200Nucleon Map&Reduce is an distributed data computing software for relational and NoSQL database systems. Nucleon Map&Reduce uses Microsoft .Net WCF based distributed computing framework.


Nucleon DCF (Distributed Computing Framework) uses Microsoft WCF technology for distributed computing and communication beetwen nodes. Nucleon Map&Reduce use DCF for distibuted communication and works  like Apache Hadoop implementation. It is an pure Microsoft .Net WCF based framework which only runs currently Microsoft Windows environments. Nucleon Map&Reduce can scale to hundreds of server cores for analyzing data or files using data streaming. Nucleon Map&Reduce works as an Master and Slave architecture.

Distributed Framework

Nucleon Map&Reduce software implements the Map&Reduce programming model for distributed data computing. It allows you to execute distributed Map&Reduce tasks using data streaming and .Net Scripting.

Master Node

Main Grid Node {Job Tracker} is the point of interaction between clients and the map/reduce framework. When a map/reduce job is submitted, Job manager puts it in a queue of pending jobs and executes them on a first-come/first-served basis and then manages the assignment of map and reduce tasks to the task trackers.

Worker Node

Worker Node {Task Tracker} execute jobs (tasks) upon instruction from the Master node {Job Tracker} and also handle data motion between the map and reduce phases. The Atomic Map&Reduce provides allways at least one local worker node for data computing.

Main Features

  • Job Distributation ,Reduction and Finalization
  • Map&Reduce to Database Sources
  • C# LINQ Query to Support
  • Query, Filter, Compute and Visualize Results

Planned Features

  • LINQ to Map&Reduce
  • Map&Reduce to FileSystem