Nucleon CmdRunner

Nucleon CmdRunner is an batch command  (executable, process) runner tool with powerful features and easy to use user interface. It allows you to define batch command lists and can run the commands one by one. It reports the command running results as an html report  the user.

Command List

Nucleon CmdRunner allows you to define command lists and executes the commands the lists one by one. It views the current command running status and reports all command outputs.

Running Report

All command  executing or running output will be reported and saved as an html file and can be viewed laters for status check, date&time  and error codes.

Detecting Error Codes

Some command run error results will not be output as an standard output. CmdRunner allows you to define error codes or error patterns to recognize error texts. The error text will be view in red color  in the report file and marked as an error instead of standard output.