Nucleon Linqer

Nucleon Linqer is an LINQ scripting editor with the advanced query editor using IntelliSense and Code Highlighting and LINQ providers.

With Nucleon Linqer, you can interactively query databases using LINQ to SQL, query XML using LINQ to Xml, query json using LINQ to JSON, query MS Excel using LINQ to EXCEL or query your objects using LINQ to Dll providers.


Nucleon Business Framework provides a you helper Map&Reduce class,  which implemens of the Map&Reduce pattern. Using Map&Reduce class and LINQ query options, it allows you to run the query results parallel as possible.

Parallel LINQ

Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) is a parallel implementation of the LINQ pattern. A PLINQ query in many ways resembles a non-parallel LINQ to Objects query. It allows you to execute PLINQ queries using LINQ providers and Microsoft PLINQ technology combination.


Quering an XML file using LINQ is easy and provides powerful query features rather than XPath and other XML query options and technologies. Using Linq to XML provider you can add an XML file or Web source and query with .Net LINQ to XML features.


JSON file format is the standard data format for the Web Technologies. You can connect to any JSON data source,  query it using JSON.Net LINQ query library.  JSON.Net library provides powerful LINQ features for JSON file format.


Using LINQ to DLL provider,  you can write your own linq provider to any data source system or service, query it using LINQ to Objects.  The provider dll will be added as a reference for to cpmpile LINQ queries.


Using LINQ to EXCEL provider allows you to execute LINQ queires against an Excel file.  This feature is can query MS Excel tables  and rows as objects and query  it using LINQ to Objects.


Connect to any SQL based RDMS or  NOSQL system, query the data source using SQL, get the results as an DataSet and query it using LINQ to DataSets.

Output and View the Results

Linqer’s Output method is famous for its capacity to output almost any object or any output format. Liqner output window can walk and visualize object graphs for the best possible output as Tree or Table. It allows you to export result into MS Office file formats or other major formats.