Nucleon Grid

Pure .Net Grid Computing

NucleonGrid-300x200Nucleon Grid an distributed grid data computing framework for relational and NoSQL database systems. Nucleon Grid is designed and developed as an distributed computing framework using Microsoft .Net Framework and WCF Technology.


The architecture of Nucleon Grid is like Apache Hadoop or Google Map&Reduce implementation. It is an pure Microsoft .Net based distributed work framework which only runs currently Microsoft Windows environments. Nucleon Grid can scale to hundreds of server cores for analyzing data or files using data streaming. Nucleon Grid works as an Master and Slave architecture.

Map&Reduce Framework

Nucleon Grid implements the Map&Reduce programming model for distributed grid computing. It allows you to execute distributed Map&Reduce jobs using data streaming and .Net Scripting. BI Studio provides an Grid Map&Reduce module for executing map&reduce jobs. Map&Reduce is also primary component of Nucleon Grid and it also have Master-slave architecture.

Main Master Node

Main Grid Node {Job Tracker} is the point of interaction between clients and the map/reduce framework. When a map/reduce job is submitted, Job manager puts it in a queue of pending jobs and executes them on a first-come/first-served basis and then manages the assignment of map and reduce tasks to the task trackers.

Worker Node

Worker Node {Task Tracker} execute jobs (tasks) upon instruction from the Master node {Job Tracker} and also handle data motion between the map and reduce phases. The Atomic Map&Reduce provides allways at least one local worker node for data computing.

Main Features

  • Job Distributation and Reduction
  • C# Map&Reduce Scripting
  • Query and Analyse Database Systems
  • C# LINQ Query to Support
  • Query, Filter, Compute and Visualize Results

Planned Features

  • Relational Database System using SQLite and MySQL.
  • Key/Value Database System
  • Column Based Database System
  • LINQ to Grid for Query
  • Support of RDBMS and NoSQL Systems